peaches are fuzzy, unless shaven

8 January
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I am a girl with a love for life -- wait that is lame. I am a recent university graduate who hopes to go on and do my masters and eventually my phd. I love to research and write papers , yes boring, but I do enjoy it -- my main interest is in technology and society. I also am a freelance writer with a growing number of credits to my name. I write both non-fiction and fiction. I am a dyke as well with some very gender queer tendencies, but I am quite happy with my female body, apprently so are the girls I hook up with -- I love you all. I would describe myself as a lesbian slut as I am single and I like to mix it up. I would love one day to settle and have own litter, but for now I will settle on cat sitting rich people's beloved pets. Oh my name is chloe, well not really, but if I could choose my name, chloe would be it. I like girls, I like ice-cream, chocolate too, I like checking a girl's real hair colour, "I guess you aren't a blonde after all, don't matter, I forgive you."
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